The best Halloween makeup looks for 2021

The best Halloween makeup looks for 2021

10th Sep 2021

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating, watching scary films and, of course, dressing up in your spookiest costume - but what is a party-worthy Halloween costume without a suitably scary Halloween makeup look to match? Whether you’re getting ready to dress as a zombie bride, a classic witch or a skeleton, let us help you steal the spooky show with our guide to the best drop-dead gorgeous Halloween makeup looks of 2021.

What is the best Halloween makeup to use?

While complex Halloween makeup looks often have us reaching for extravagant (and expensive) face paints, there are much easier ways to achieve that perfect Halloween makeup look. Instead of splashing out on expensive products that you’ll use once then throw away, follow our advice and buy beautiful, high-quality makeup products that you can easily incorporate into your everyday makeup bag once the spooky season has passed.

What makeup do I need for Halloween?

If you’re looking to save money and make your makeup go further take a look through our four favourite Halloween makeup looks for 2021. Each on-trend Halloween makeup look is complete with a list of every product you’ll need to complete the style and a step-by-step guide showing how to perfect the look on your own.

Dead bride Halloween makeup

If you love Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride as much as we do, then there's only one thing to go as for Halloween, and we have everything you need to create a dead bride makeup look worthy of the bride herself here at Hogies. Just take a look at how good the zombie bride makeup look can be in  @jordzcrazymakeup’s Instagram post!

Step 1: To create your own dead bride Halloween makeup, start by lightening your face to a pale off-white tone with some light-coloured foundation. Unlike your usual, everyday foundation, the colour should be one or two shades lighter than your usual skin tone. If you’d prefer to save a little money on your zombie bride makeup, you could use your usual foundation and lighten the tone with some light-toned matte eyeshadow or face powder.

Step 2: With the base layer applied, move onto creating some deep shadows around your eye sockets, temples, neck and cheekbones. For this, we recommend using a dark brown or black eye shadow and exaggerating the hollows with some contrasting highlighter - just as you would normally for contouring!

Step 3: In order to make the eyes really stand out (or sink in as the case may be) be sure to heavily apply black mascara and eyeliner. You can also add some false lashes to the look if you really want to nail the dead bride makeup look.

Step 4: Finish off the look with some nude lip gloss and a wedding dress spattered with fake blood and you’re ready to go get your groom.

Witch Halloween makeup

Beings of ethereal beauty and immense power, channel your inner witch this Halloween with a floating black dress, some classic striped tights and a magical witch makeup look. Witches come in all shapes, sizes and styles, giving you witches total creative freedom when putting your look together but, if you want a little inspiration, follow our advice on how to recreate  @linalordi’s stunning celestial witch makeup look below.

Step 1: Start off your witch makeup look as you would any other everyday style, with primerfoundationpowder and contouring - though we recommend adding a little extra highlighter to help your face glow as night begins to fall.

Step 2: With all your base layers applied, it’s time to add a little magic to your witch makeup look with some jet black lipstick and equally mesmerising black eyeliner. Don't shy away from a little shimmering eyeshadow either - anything to bring about that mysterious, other-worldly glow.

Step 3: With the main witch makeup applied, now’s the time to add those heavy black celestial accents. This is best done with a black liquid eyeliner or a pen eyeliner, anything that gives you better control when stenciling a crescent moon on your forehead and some extra detailing beneath the eyes.

Step 4: Finish off your witchy look with plenty of celestial themed necklaces, rings and bracelets, throw on your most vintage-looking black dress, and go cast some spells!

Skeleton Halloween makeup

A Halloween classic, skeleton face makeup gives a dramatic look with very little effort required, making it the perfect choice for people feeling a little less confident in their spooky makeup application abilities. If you’re ready to try your hand at this easy skull makeup, the most important skill to have is contouring. Just take a look at  @nikvika_bridal_makeover’s skeleton Halloween makeup look. With the contoured hollows on her temples, cheekbones and jaw she’s totally transformed!

Step 1: Start your own spooky skeleton face makeup with your usual foundation before breaking out your contouring kit. In this, use the lightest shade on all the high points of your face, including your chin, the centre of your forehead and the top of your cheekbones.

Step 2: With the lighter ‘bone’ shade applied, the next step in your skeleton makeup transformation is to cast some shadows. For this, take your darker contouring cream or powder to draw heavy lines underneath your cheekbones and around your temples. Blending this in a little, you should have a skull-like base to build on.

Step 3: Next, take some white or clear lipstick over your lips before using some white eyeshadow to extend the colour area to create the appearance of teeth. From here, take a black eyeliner to draw in the outlines of each tooth.

Step 4: Finally, complete your skeleton face makeup with some heavy black eyeshadow and black eyeliner around the eyes, and a stenciled-on nose.

Chucky Halloween makeup

One of the creepiest characters in horror history, Chucky the doll is a popular choice for Halloween and creating a Chucky-inspired makeup look this October is easier than you might think! To talk you through the process, we’ve invited makeup artist  @chloegemmamakeup to teach us the steps to recreate her own Chucky Halloween makeup look, read her instructions below.

Step 1: To create this simple Chucky makeup look, start by doing your normal base makeup however you like. In this look, I followed my normal everyday foundation routine. Just apply foundationconcealerblusherbronzer and highlighter and you're done!

Step 2: I wanted to make this look glam, however the good thing about this look is that you can customise it to suit your needs! Because I went for glam Chucky, for the bruised, tired looking eyes I used some red and black eyeshadows, and blended them out through my crease and onto my lid.

Step 3: Next, I took a face highlighter and patted it onto the centre of my lid to add a bit of shimmer and depth. Finally, I completed the eye look by adding on some lashes to really make my eyes stand out.

Step 4: Using a red liner pen, I drew some lines over my face to resemble scarring. I blended these out slightly with some matching red eyeshadow just to add some more definition.

Step 5: Using a silver eyeliner, I drew some lines onto my scars to resemble stitches.

Step 6: Add some fake blood if wanted and you're good to go!

Get spooky with Halloween makeup looks from Hogies

At Hogies Online, you’ll find everything you need to complete your Halloween makeup look for less. We offer big discounts on all our  designer cosmeticsjewellery and more, giving you the chance to recreate our favourite witch, zombie bride and skeleton Halloween makeup looks without breaking the bank.

If you’ve loved the absolutely incredible Halloween makeup looks we’ve featured in this blog, be sure to check out the talented artists and creators we’ve highlighted by clicking on their post above or visiting their Instagram pages below:

Zombie bride makeup:  @jordzcrazymakeup

Witch Halloween makeup:  @linalordi

Skeleton face makeup:  @nikvika_bridal_makeover

Chucky Halloween makeup:  @chloegemmamakeup

If you have any questions about the images used in this blog, or would like to be featured in this or any future makeup ideas blogs, be sure to contact us at

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